Reaching The Tenant

In our recent survey of 1,000 people currently seeking rental housing, we discovered that not only are the great majority of potential tenants searching the Internet to find a home, but they are searching across multiple sites.  While renters may be using various marketing sources to find a home, it is important to know where a majority of them are looking.  With that in mind, 72% say they begin their search online.  In fact, only 17% go to the newspaper, 5% look for yard signs, and another 5% rely on referrals from friends and/or family.

When asked, “On average, how many rental sites do you search to find a rental?”, an astonishing 25% selected more than ten sites.  In total, 93% of respondents indicated that they search at least two sites or more when looking for a home to rent.

Additionally, a study conducted by reports that 67% of renters think of using a search engine to locate a home, while only 21% think of using a specific site.  This means that 2 out of 3 potential tenants begin their search on Google or Bing rather than going to a specific site.

What can all of this tell us about rental marketing?  That consumers are becoming more and more web savvy and one source or one site is no longer enough. Creating a great rental ad is the first step, but ultimately, the most important piece is that your ad is connecting with as many potential tenants as possible.

Click here to see full results:

To learn more about how to maximize the online presence of your vacant rental listings, please give us a call at (303) 640-3160 or email us

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Predicting the Future of Rental Leads

Data from the past can help us predict the future. This is exactly what the new Google Rental Index and Insights for Rental Search offer. The Google Rental Index tracks queries related to “apartments, rentals, for rent, rent”. Below is a graph of historical rental data for the last 4 years.

As you can see, every year, starting in late July and going until late December, rental traffic drops dramatically. Google takes this historical information and uses algorithms to determine the future of rental traffic. Google predicts that in July 2010, rental traffic will be 23% higher than traffic in January 2004. This will be slightly higher than July 2009 traffic.

What can rental advertisers learn from this type of data?
Rental leads drop off August – December.

What can rental advertisers do about this?

  • Offer promotions and specials to attract potential tenants.
  • Think about lowering your rental rates.
  • Update your ads regularly.
  • Ensure your ads utilize your best and most recent photos, and post the maximum number of photos allowed.
  • Answer all phone and email inquiries promptly.

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Place your Rental Listings on a Map for Free

Rent Marketer has partnered with PickRent to offer Rent Marketer customers the ability to put a map of their listings on their blog or website for free. Here is how it works:

  1. If you are a Rent Marketer customer, go to this link.
  2. Enter your Rent Marketer “Lead Contact Name” – i.e (Betty) or (Wendy Frenzel)
  3. Customize your map size
  4. Preview Map and Generate Code
  5. Copy this code and put on your website or blog

You can view a real life working example of the map from A Vantage Properties. View a video of how to use this feature.

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Rent Marketer Names Craig Smith to Board of Directors

Rent Marketer, Inc, today announced that Craig Smith, CEO of Service Magic, an IAC Company, has been elected to serve on the Rent Marketer board of directors.

“As a veteran leader in the digital marketing industry, Craig Smith has helped shape the way marketers acquire customers online, as well as revolutionize the way consumers connect with service professionals,” said Dan Daugherty, chief executive officer. “Craig’s passion for online marketing, strong business acumen and knowledge of the local market will be of great benefit to Rent Marketer as we continue our rapid growth.”

Craig Smith was appointed Chief Executive Officer of ServiceMagic in January of 2008. A member of the ServiceMagic team since 2000, Craig began his career in strategic financial planning and progressed into his current role as CEO. He previously acted as the senior vice president of the consumer division where he was charged with overseeing the company’s Internet marketing strategy and customer service division. He was also responsible for consumer marketing and cultivating new strategic business partnerships.

I’m extremely excited to lend my experience in local online marketing to the exceptional Rent Marketer team. Dan and his team have built a valuable platform for renters, property managers, investors and real estate agents and I look forward to participating in their continued success,” said Craig Smith.

About Rent Marketer

Rent Marketer, Inc is a leading rental advertising and distribution network for the rental industry. Rent Marketer works with real estate investors, property managers, and real estate agents and offers them one place to post their rental listings and distributes the information to over 100 different rental and classifieds sites. The Rent Marketer advertising network consists of over 10.2 million unique monthly visitors. Rent Marketer also runs rentBits ( and Apartment Marketer (

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Top 10 Best Places to Live in the US – Rentals

Each year, CNNMoney selects the best places to live in the US. This year the winners are:

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Finding Rental Rates in Your City

Looking for rental rates? Have you ever wanted to know if you are getting a good deal for your rental? How do you know if it is a good deal? Well, now you can easily view rental rates for free in over 4,000 cities in the US.

Check out rental rates and see if you are getting a good deal on your rental.

rental rates

rental rates

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Rent Marketer Launches Reverse Phone Look-Up

The Problem:

Today, 50 – 70% of all rental phone leads go unanswered and many of those interested tenants don’t leave a message. This makes current rental marketing programs less efficient due to lost leads.

The Solution:

Rent Marketer has launched a reverse phone look-up service that matches the phone number calling with public records and gives the landlord the following information on the interested tenant:

The Phone Number that Called
The Name of the Individual
The Length of Call
The Type of Phone Call (Mobile, Residential, etc.)
The City of the Caller

Phone Tracking Rent Marketer

“We are constantly working on innovative ways to help our advertisers quantify their rental advertising spend,” says Dan Daugherty, CEO of Rent Marketer, Inc.

About Rent Marketer, Inc

Rent Marketer, Inc is a rental advertising and distribution network for the single family home rental industry. Rent Marketer works with real estate investors, property managers, and real estate agents and offers them one place to post their rental listings and distributes the information to over 100 different rental and classifieds sites. The Rent Marketer advertising network consists of over 10.2 million unique monthly visitors. For more information, visit

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